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Disruptive Ultra-High Image Quality,

Ultra-Low Cost,

Small, Light-Weight & Comfortable,

The World's Sharpest Private AR Screen

Q: How to achieve UltraSharp laser projector type of visual quality, in an AR wearable form-factor?

A: iGlass UltraSharp Mobile Big Screen is the next generation of display core technology, offering a significant upgrade from current LCD, Laser projection screens, with benefits of being semi-immersive, motion-sick free, portable and private, light-weight and comfortable, with 2D/3D dual mode, and bigger screen size at affordable consumer price.

Q: What is iGlass core competence?

A:  300" private screen(80deg), UltraSharp image quality, light and comfortable, low light loss, affordable

iGlass 1: 全球最清晰的AR大屏, 手机第二屏, 5G 流媒体神器

300" UltraSharp MagicLens AR

The World's Sharpest Private AR Screen,

2nd Screen for Phone, 5G Streaming Device












iGlass 2: 轻巧的超清晰随身大电视

500" UltraSharp Mobile TV-Glasses

Semi-Immersive Portable Private Projection TV

MagicLens AR Specifications:

• AR, optical see-through

• 3200x 1600 resolution (3K)

• 300" screen size (80deg diagonal)

• 120g

• USB C connection to smart phone

TV-Glasses Specifications:

• Hybrid, opaque in front, open on the side

• 3840x 1080 resolution (4k)

• 500" screen size (90deg diagonal)

• 150g

• All-in-one device, USB cable connection to external power bank

Key Features

• UltraSharp image clarity, comparable with luxurious laser projector's visual quality

• Semi-immersive theater experience with surrounding awareness, open and safe

• Portable, light-weight, comfortable to wear for up to 6 hours

• Private, only the wearer can see the big screen, no light-pollution to others

• Works with current 2D/3D content, no device specific content per-processing necessary

• 5G ready, online streaming YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video in Big Screen

• Virtual screen at 5 meters away, with eye relaxation and vision protection

• Ultra high image quality yet affordable

Experience Advantages

• Openness: semi-immersive, allows surrounding awareness, open and safe

• No motion-sickness: open AR screen architecture ensures motion-sickness free

• Comfortable: zero pressure on nose and face, even little kids can wear it for long periods of time

• Compatibility: fit daily prescription glasses underneath easily, no habit change

• Simple plug and play: easy to use, suitable for novice users to engage casually


Typical User Cases

• Mobile BIG SCREEN for Smart Phone, providing movie, game and monitor screen for phone

• LCD TV, Laser Projector screen, Theater screen, and IMAX screen replacement

• Mobile BIG SCREEN for Gaming Console like Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation

• Mobile Entertainment in College Dorm, or on Airplane, High-speed rail, and passenger seats of car

• Portable and private BIG SCREEN Multi-monitor for PC, laptop, and Tablet

• Visual impairment enhancement,  Education and Medical Application, Industry Application, and many others...

Business Model: B to B to C

We currently focus on corporation with business partners, i.e., Carrier, Mobile Phone Giant, Consumer Electronics Giant, Gaming  Company, Airlines, Electrical Car Companies, etc., on bringing iGlass ultra-high-image-quality portable display core tech to massive consumer market.

Revenue sources: NRE + License fee



Disruptive Ultra-High Image Quality,

Ultra-Low Cost,

Small, Light-Weight & Comfortable,

The World's Sharpest Private AR Screen

"Phone USB C + MagicLens = Mobile IMAX" 


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